2020 Year of the Moon

By KaelyLinker / January 22, 2020

In 2018, I chose the word “Joy” as my word of the year. I stuck the little white letters in between the teal felted rows of my letterboard and hung it on the wall. But “word of the year” has never stuck with me very well. I tend toward some harsh self-criticism, and I found…

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2019 Wrap Up

By KaelyLinker / January 7, 2020

2019 was a pretty incredible journey for me. I mean incredible in the way that it can be both a good adjective and a bad one – the shock and disbelief that comes with the really good things and with the really rough things. I haven’t shared any of these things (good or bad) on…

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Bonus Years – Branding and Website

By riseshinecreative / December 16, 2019

Introducing: Phil Burgess, Columnist, Author and Speaker at Bonus Years Living Solutions: Branding Website Digital Marketing Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam quis tellus a massa scelerisque tempor. Pellentesque lacinia nisi quis arcu pharetra, id gravida justo maximus. Vivamus in bibendum mauris. Pellentesque pulvinar sagittis turpis id luctus. Ut volutpat nibh malesuada…

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