About Us

We have walked in your shoes.

We know what its like to be struggling with the many things you have to do as a business owner and to feel like you never have enough time to finish that endless to-do list.

We know the struggle of a non-profit with too little staff and too little budget trying to make ends meet and limping along with whatever tools you can afford.

Don't worry. We've got you.

Through our process, we guide you through each step of the way, helping you to clarify your message and bring it to your audience in a beautiful and engaging way.

We'll help you think through your goals and strategize about the best way to make them become reality.

Through years of experience in both business and non-profits, we've developed the skills to elevate and illuminate your message through web, print, and digital marketing platforms.

We've helped Fortune 500 companies and brand new start-ups reach their marketing goals.

We want you to be able to focus on your work and rest easy knowing that you have a team on your side that knows your goals and dreams and is working hard to make sure that you achieve them.

Holly Ellison Henderson

Riley Road Book

Kaely Linker's bright personality shines forth in her kaleidoscope of creative designs. She is a quick-study, professional and understands how to bring the client's ideas to life. I was thrilled with Ms. Linker's design for my book cover, Riley Road: Navigating the Path to Discover My 6th Great Grandfather, Jacob Riley. She truly captured the essence of what I had envisioned for the project. Kaely Linker is a delight to work with and I highly recommend her for your next graphic design project.

Ryan Vowell, Stronger Green

Website Care

We have been working with Kaely for over 6 months. Our only regret is not signing up with her sooner! She has exceeded our expectations on every project and we highly recommend her services.

Karen McClure, Medical Missionary to Cambodia

Website Design

Kaely has helped us bring the vision for our website to fruition! She built and designed our website and we have had amazing positive feedback. I am thankful for the quality of her work and care of our website, her responsiveness, and professionalism. She has taken the time to showcase our ministries very well as highlighted in the website design. Her expertise with marketing and graphic design is an added bonus. We highly recommend Kaely Linker. She is a blessing to us! 

Mary-Beth Fedor, VP Graphic Design, JLL

Submarket Mapping Project

You are a goddess among mortals!

Ashley Ward, Ashley Ward Coaching


Kaely is amazing to work with! When I was opening a new business and knew nothing about it, she sat with me, talked about all the ideas, and then designed a logo that fit us perfectly. Kaely is knowledgeable, but not pushy; has great suggestions but is also a great listener. I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Becky Jones

Graphic Design

Kaely did an amazing job designing for us! She had wonderful creative ideas and layouts but also made sure that our project displayed our personal preferences, including fonts and picture lay outs, so the end result was something we felt really reflected us and our desires. I love the work Kaely did and would recommend her services in a heartbeat!

Angela Murray, Director Outreach and Volunteers, Pregnancy Clinic Ministry

Graphic Design

Kaely is able to take our ideas and make them into beautiful and useful works of art.

Katie Roe, Unbridled Rehabilitation Services

Social Media Management & Website Care

Kaely has been super amazing in sitting down with us and helping us to better understand our needs for social media engagement and organization of our online presence as a business. She is talented in determining your needs and best fit for services and has been outstanding in practice. Highly recommended!!

Iva Grahek

Graphic Design

I've worked with Kaely for about 3 years. Her honesty and work ethic is of the highest caliber. She does fantastic work and is great at taking ideas and turning them into reality and true works of art that can communicate a powerful, hard hitting message. I worked in the same non-profit organization as Kaely, and I saw, first hand, the graphic design work she did. AMAZING WORK!!! You cannot go wrong by having Kaely “work her magic” with any graphic design, web site or social media needs you might have. Whether it’s your business or another type of organization, you’ll be glad you went to Kaely for your graphic design needs!

Ellen Maryon

Graphic Design

I came to Kaely with a unique design challenge and they turned out better than I could have imagined. I gave her some ideas of what I was looking for but she took it to the next level. She communicated well with me and also got back to me in a timely manner! I had some minor last-minute edits and she got them back right away. I highly recommend her services!

Barbie Halaby, Monocle Editing

Website Design

Kaely created my website from scratch and gave me a WordPress site that I am proud of. She gently pushed me to define my brand, to showcase who I am and who my clients are. She provided the right balance of original ideas and listening to what I wanted. She's got a great eye for color and style. Despite the fact that I'm completely incompetent in technological matters, Kaely even taught me how to make changes to the website myself. And when it was all done, she shared my site all over social media. I couldn't be happier that I chose to work with Kaely when I needed a website.

Kelli C Photography-7

About Kaely

I live outside of Annapolis, Maryland with my three beautiful kids: Isaac, Benjamin, and Juliana. We love playing games, camping, or just laughing with our large and loud families. I also spend time over at Therapy Doulas helping those in a therapy journey feel a little less loney.

I started with web design as an angsty teenager, teaching myself HTML coding in order to publish a website of my poetry. In college, I bought a little coffee shop and, needing an affordable way to market myself, took extra classes in design on the side. I don’t own that shop anymore, but I did walk away with a crippling coffee addiction and a love of creativity and communications.

I love connecting with people, dreaming of possibilities, and working together to create something magical. I love telling a good story, casting the vision, and helping people move towards their goals and dreams.

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