About Me

24.4.3 Transformed clip_3

The script in the art above says,
"Nothing stays stuck."


As a parent now, I understand why my dad would say this to me in a moment of frustration—he just wanted me to get the chore done.

But even as a child, I was brimming with new and better ideas for how to get the chore done better, faster, and with more regularity and I was not one to simply keep a process just because that was the way it was always done.

As someone who has tried lots of systems, to-do apps, perfect morning routines, and other typical ways of meeting my goals, I've found that bringing creativity, fun, and enjoyment to my process was always the best way to get consistent results.

My clients routinely find that their sessions with me allow them to think about their challenges in a new way, illuminating solutions that are effective but also bring more ease and enjoyment. 


Hi! I'm Kaely I'm a mixed-media artist, coach, and designer working with entrepreneurs to find creative solutions to find their most rewarding work and authentic self.

I live outside Annapolis, Maryland with my amazing kids and goofy bear of a dog. We love putting our feet into the river, listening to birds, and joking around with each other.

My partner and I love to spend our days crafting together, turning my living room into a mobile “studio” and covering the couch in art supplies— you can find her adorable jewelry (like the earrings pictured here) at Dekowaii.com.

You can also find me at Therapy Doulas helping those on a therapy journey to feel less lonely.


I started with web design as an angsty teenager— teaching myself HTML coding to publish a website of my poetry. In college, I bought a little coffee shop, painted a mural down the walls, and while I dispensed coffee and advice, I also took design classes to learn how to market my business. That shop gave me a love for people's stories, a deeply embedded coffee addiction, and my start in creative communication.

I'm passionate about connecting with people, dreaming of possibilities, and working together to create something magical. I'd love to hear your story, revive your weary souls, rebuild your confidence, and help you build a path to reach your dreams that is effective, sustainable, and full of color.